PopAtomic Studios holiday fundraiser

It’s not too late to go nuclear for the holidays. PopAtomic Studios, the non-profit organization that is dedicated to arts-integrated outreach in support of nuclear energy, is raising funds to help complete its 501c3 federal tax exemption application. Make a donation to PopAtomic’s cause and receive a nuclear-themed gift, for you or to give to a family member or friend.

Click here to make a donation to PopAtomic’s holiday fund-raising effort.

Check out the cool gifts that are offered for your donation, including signed Thorium posters. Get the perfect gift for your favorite nuke, along with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a cause that you care about!

Every donation will be rewarded with original artwork created by PopAtomic:

  • Donations of $1-$49 receive a signed holiday post card from the PopAtomic team.
  • Donations of $50-$100 receive a hand screen-printed PopAtomic t-shirt.
  • Donations of $101-$500 receive a signed, framed “Uranium: Not Just Another Rock” or “Thorium: The Smart Rock” poster.
  • Donations of $501 and up receive an original Chicago Pile-1 graphite sculpture.

Please spread the word about PopAtomic’s holiday fundraiser to friends and colleagues who are looking for the perfect gift for their favorite nuclear worker or supporter. Thank you, and Happy holidays!

One thought on “PopAtomic Studios holiday fundraiser

  1. Dennis Mosebey

    I like the Nuclear Cafe, thanks. I would like to post a general question: Why can we not abolish the NRC and substitute a single administrator concept? Why does ANS not become more involved in political issues? Does it not seem strange to anyone that originally the AEC was set up as a multi person commission because their main task was to oversee weapons development? That made sense. Today we have the DOE that oversees weapons development under the control of a single administrator and we still hang on to the archaic, political favorite commission system? Rickover proved long ago that a single oversight can and does work well. It is time to advocate for amendment of the Atomic Energy Act and do away with this Commission idea which serves largely as a political patronage position. ANS does many things well, but political involvement at the Congressional Level is where it has to happen. Talk about nuclear revival is cheap, but what are we in the Society really doing to help it succeed? Thanks.