ANS President-elect Eric Loewen promotes new nuclear energy

Eric Loewen, the American Nuclear Society’s vice president/president-elect, appeared on the Fox News Charlotte (North Carolina) television show on January 28 to promote new nuclear energy as part of the push in the United States for clean energy technologies.


One thought on “ANS President-elect Eric Loewen promotes new nuclear energy

  1. Gene Preston

    Our only two options for base load generation (24/7 at 100% power) is either coal or nuclear. Nuclear went through a maturation stage in the 1980’s and is now stable with designs such as the AP1000. Coal is entering a new phase in which its environmental problems are rapidly coming home to roost. Before TMI both coal and nuclear both has about the same levelized energy cost. When nuclear ran into problems in the 80s coal became the preferred base load source of power. Now that coal is in trouble we are soon going to have a switch the other way, back to nuclear as as the base load power source. I did generation planning for about 15 years in the 70s and 80s. I can tell you the switch will happen back to nuclear. There is no doubt this switch will happen because if it doesn’t, the lights will begin going out in the US at some time in the next couple of decades.
    Gene Preston

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