The passing of the gavel

Following the ANS Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, June 30, Eric Loewen officially became ANS President and Joe Colvin transitioned to ANS Immediate Past President. The picture below marks the presentation of a symbolic gavel from the ANS President to the ANS Immediate Past President.

ANS President Eric Loewen presents a commemorative gavel to ANS Immediate Past President Joe Colvin.


3 thoughts on “The passing of the gavel

  1. David W. Leigh

    Joe Colvin’s leadership has been Awesome! I am sure he will continue to contribute to our industry. Thank you Joe Colvin for a landmark year. Best wishes in future endeavors.

  2. lscheele

    Both received a gavel — Eric Loewen received the official gavel as incoming ANS President and Joe Colvin received a commemorative gavel (shown above) as outgoing ANS President. The caption originally referred to the official gavel passing–which was confusing–so I’ve updated it.

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