July 2011 Nuclear News is online

The July issue of Nuclear News has been published and mailed to American Nuclear Society members, and is available electronically to members. The issue contains a President’s Profile feature on ANS President Eric Loewen. Features include:

  • NRC Chairman Jaczko: A regulator’s perspective on the challenges of today and tomorrow (prepared remarks presented on May 11, 2011, during the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Nuclear Energy Assembly)
  • NRC’s Office of Inspector General (OIG): Inspection consistency needed for independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSI) safety
  • Waste Management: OIG issues report on investigation into closeout of Yucca Mountain Project
  • Isotopes & Radiation: NRC advises more frequent shutter closure checks
  • Education, Training & Workforce: For budgeting purposes, NRC asks utilities for numbers of applicants planning to take operator licensing examinations
  • Standards: ANS answers inquiry on N271-1976, Containment Isolation Provisions for Fluid Systems (redesignated ANS-56.2)
  • Standards: ANS approves ANS-5.4—2011, Method for Calculating the Fractional Release of Volatile Fission Products from Oxide Fuel (new standard to supercede ANSI/ANS-5.4—1982)
  • Standards: ANS publishes ANSI/ANS-2.3—2011, Estimating Tornado, Hurricane, and Extreme Straight Line Wind Characteristics at Nuclear Facility Sites (new standard to supersede ANSI/ANS-2.3—1983)

The July 2011 Nuclear News also contains news briefs on developments in nuclear power, international nuclear projects, the nuclear industry, and nuclear fuel.

Past issues of Nuclear News are available here (the left menu includes a link to full issues for ANS members and Nuclear News subscribers).

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