Do you have your Radwaste Solutions?

Just a reminder that the September/October issue of Radwaste Solutions is available in hard copy and electronically for American Nuclear Society members (must enter ANS user name and password in Member Center). The issue is devoted to environmental remediation, and contains the following feature articles:

  • Getting Remediation Done at ORNL
  • Enhanced “Interrogation” Techniques: Soil Contamination Imaging at Hanford
  • From Test Site to Wildlife Refuge: Tatum Salt Dome Test Site Transferred to State
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers: Advancing Natural In-Situ Remediation for Treatment of Radionuclides in Groundwater
  • Groundwater Restoration at the La Rosita In-Situ Uranium Recovery Project
  • It’s Complicated: The Complexities of Decommissioning a Uranium Mine Site

Other items of note in the issue include the following reports:

  • Draft Report from the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future—Executive Summary
  • Report of the American Nuclear Society’s President’s Special Committee on Used Nuclear Fuel Management Options—Executive Summary

The issue also contains a meeting report titled, “Very Long Term Dry Storage—and Other Issues,” which deals with information collected during a session at the ANS 2011 Annual Meeting in June, and much more.

Past issues of Radwaste Solutions are available here.


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