Two members named ANS Fellows

Two members of the American Nuclear Society were named ANS Fellows on November 1 at the ANS Annual Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo. These awards were presented by ANS President Eric Loewen in recognition of the Fellows’ significant contributions and achievements to nuclear science and technology.

The new ANS Fellows are:


Bryan Allen Chin, for his outstanding contributions in the development of theories to describe the welding of highly irradiated materials and mechanisms of irradiation effects on fatigue, creep and swelling of in-core materials.




David A. Petti, for his exceptional leadership in the development and demonstration of advanced fuels and materials for fission and fusion systems; in particular, the very successful re-engineering, re-establishment of industrial fabrication capability, and irradiation testing and demonstration of high burnup particle fuels for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors.

The honored membership grade of ANS Fellow is awarded to Society members for outstanding accomplishment in any one of the areas of nuclear science and engineering. These two new ANS Fellows will be listed with their peers on the ANS Web site.

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