Shannon Bragg-Sitton of INL discusses nuclear space applications

Shannon Bragg-Sitton of Idaho National Laboratory discusses nuclear applications for space missions, including the Mars Curiosity rover launched last Saturday, and the upcoming American Nuclear Society Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space (NETS) topical meeting, on March 21-23, in The Woodlands, Tex., held in conjunction with the March 19-23 Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference. Please check the links above for more info.

These websites are loaded with beautiful pictures and launch videos, and packed with info about the Mars Science Laboratory mission:  Jet Propulsion Lab Mars Science Laboratory  &  JPL Curiosity Launch.


One thought on “Shannon Bragg-Sitton of INL discusses nuclear space applications

  1. Brucie Behr

    Glad to see the Nuclear space science effort continue.
    Funding has been rather difficult to say the least. Like in isotope production of Pu238 RTG development such as INL’s irradiation of Neptunium targets for solvent extraction.
    Hard to tell these days…
    Would like to see Nuclear Thermal Rocketry (NTR) effort go far I hope Shannon who is a leader in the Nuclear Space Power & Propulsion community get the proper funding for Space Nuclear Science development needs.

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