NOW CASTING: Discovery Channel’s Top Engineer!

Discovery Channel seeks America’s top inventors, machinists, and engineers to compete for a huge grand pr1ze

Televised musical contests like American Idol are no doubt a perfectly suitable route to fame and fortune for many of the talented nuclear scientists and engineers who are avid readers of the ANS Nuclear Cafe.  BUT what if you happen to be a talented nuclear technician, engineer, or scientist who can’t carry a tune? What then?

You may be in luck, dear reader! You may be even more suited to star in the Discovery Channel’s upcoming reality competition: “TOP ENGINEER!”

From the Official Casting Call: “The Discovery Channel is looking for America’s most creative and daring techies, machinists, inventors, and engineers to design, build, and BLAST their way to a Grand Prize.”

From the sound of it, our readers with intimate knowledge of nuclear engineering and technology will clearly carry an advantage in some of the competitions—although using their entire skills set might require special negotiations with the Producer.

So, represent the nuclear community, get out there, and win big! Or at least get on TV, and be sure to put in a plug for nuclear technology while you’re there. Email—click on the picture below for all the info.  Deadline is March 7, 2012.


One thought on “NOW CASTING: Discovery Channel’s Top Engineer!

  1. donb

    My bet is that the ‘top engineer’ will be someone who designs a glitzy gadget (think iPad or Android phone), or someone who does something that is visually spectacular, like imploding a multi-storey building to clear a building site. Don’t expect to see someone who designs a nuclear power plant that generates a gigawatt of electricity (yawn), quietly with minimal emissions (snore). No bling factor there.

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