3 thoughts on “ANS Special Committee on Fukushima report

  1. ravindra suryavanshi

    fukushima can be avoidable if retaining wall near reactor not builtup to avoid tusnami effect

  2. James Greenidge

    I do sympathetically appreciate the suffering the people of Japan have endured, however there’s point I have to say to get real about having a royal cow over a “catastrophe” and “disaster” that didn’t happen, yet people shrug if an exploding oil refinery or gas facility puts away half a neighborhood, never mind the workers. The skittish people of Japan are looking a gift horse in the mouth having a incredibly benign major power source whose sins are in the mind of a biased media who almost imply the tsunami was caused by the nukes. While honorable, recent pro-nuclear PR education clips have to be far far more aggressive if you want to inspire gut public confidence in nuclear power. The opposition, with a complicit media in tow, is employing outright exaggeration, disinformation and outright lies to tug the emotions and fears of a generally science-illiterate public. You must hit nuke fear at the core — Death. Take the bull by the horns and explain that since the first reactor in 1942 less people died WORLDWIDE in TOTAL from a nuclear plant accident than got killed in a single jet crash (and all of that is from Chernobyl — a messed with nuke!). Remind that Fukushima killed no one or destroyed anything beyond its gates even after being hammered by the rare worst case example nature could do to any installation (try that on a oil and gas plant!) The green-agenda media also conveniently overlook that since that first reactor in 1942, over a hundred thousand people died while producing and handling oil and gas and coal around the world and tens of thousands of the public living near since facilities were gassed or fried by their accidents, and worst, that REGULARLY as a NORMAL PART of oil and coal burning two million yearly worldwide suffer from air pollution diseases. ALL FACT, not FEAR! Oh yes, the greens and media have also “forgotten” to mention that “clean” natural gas is a fossil fuel contributing to global warming too! Quite the underhanded way to omit nuclear from the solution! Cite that reactors have tiny real estate footprints that don’t blight the landscape — especially the ones without cooling towers — and make clean silent neighbors. If you REALLY cared about public health and “your children” you’d nukes juicing your homes and factories and cars, not known fossil fuel killers. In light nuclear’s history and record, it amazes me how “worst case” bogeymen have replaced peoples reason! Get Aggressive nuclear PR!!!

    James Greenidge
    Queens, NY

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