NRC/Fukushima Hearing in US Senate Today 10AM ET

NRC Commissioners Magwood, Svinicki, Chairman Jaczko, Apostolakis, Ostendorff

A hearing titled “Lessons from Fukushima One Year Later: NRC’s Implementation of Recommendations for Enhancing Nuclear Reactor Safety in the 21st Century” will be held in the U.S. Senate this morning at 10:00 AM EDT.  Witnesses will include NRC chairman Gregory Jaczko and fellow NRC commissioners Kristine Svinicki, George Apostolakis, William Magwood, and William Ostendorff.

The hearing will be webcast live starting at 10:00 AM ET.  Watch hearing from beginning archived here.  The hearing will also be broadcast live on C SPAN cable television.  XM satellite radio subscribers can listen to the audio broadcast of the hearing on C-Span Radio on Channel 119. Please see this earlier Nuclear Cafe post for more details.

2 thoughts on “NRC/Fukushima Hearing in US Senate Today 10AM ET

  1. Gary Curtis

    I certainly agree with your passion and understanding of the bias media James. But please recognize the the NRC cannot blast the media for their bias, since the NRC MUST be unbiasd. Being informed is not being biased. The one thing that our public can count on is having a regulator that is focused on the health and safety of the public, without bais but being informed. It does not one good to expect the NRC Chairman to do as you suggest.

  2. James Greenidge

    I hope they take everything Jaczko says with a grain of salt as he’s been pretty much toeing the green line assuring that nuclear energy gets a fair piece in the nation’s energy future. A REAL NRC chairman would also blast the local and national media’s outrageously ominous tone reporting any nuke event. It’s obscene that the public has been so riled up by baldfaced biased agenda-laden reporting that many believe that EVERY nuke is just budging to blow and an accident ready to happen. It’s a damn sad state of the plight of science education and the unabashed choosing of sides by a supposedly fair and accurate media. It’s a point that any true NRC chairman would point out — unless he doesn’t mind malicious reporting to undermine public confidence in the very point of his/her agency’s existence.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY
    Go Indian Point!!!

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