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Free industry webcast: Setting a new standard for quality in nuclear power

Date: March 29, 2012quality
Time: 8 AM PT/11 AM ET/4 PM GMT

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Learn how standards developing organizations are using lessons learned over the past 30 years to account for existing and next generation nuclear power plants and how standards management within nuclear facilities is imperative to nuclear operations.

With the recent vote by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to give license approval for the nation’s first two new nuclear power plants in 30 years, the U.S. nuclear industry took a major step toward returning to expansion after a long period of stability and safe operations. In the wake of the March 2011 incident at Japan’s Fukushima plant, however, safety and quality assurance continues to be a paramount issue in the nuclear supply chain and facility operations.

temp ans asme logo comboIndustry standards such as ASME NQA-1 and ANS-3.2 are continually being modified to improve support for next generation nuclear power plant operations. The existing generation of U.S. nuclear power plants has one standard for the design and construction of a nuclear facility and a separate standard for the operations of that facility. It became evident that this model would not apply to newer nuclear facilities.

Join the American Nuclear Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and IHS as they give you an exclusive opportunity to view the current state of managerial, administrative and quality, assurance in the industry, and the critical role of standards in ensuring quality throughout nuclear operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the history of nuclear standards for managerial, administrative, and quality assurance and the changes needed to support the next generation of nuclear power plant operations.

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Marion Smith
Chair, ANS-3.2 Working Group – American Nuclear Society

Kevin Ennis
Director, Nuclear Codes and Standards – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Chad Hawkinson
Vice President, Product Design Solutions – IHS, Inc.

Dan Yurman – Idaho Samizdat

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One thought on “ANS & ASME webinar on nuclear quality assurance March 29: Register Now!

  1. James Greenidge

    I hope they don’t forget the PR factor here! I think it behooves organizations like NEI and ANS, in their self-interest, to launch media or YouTube non-sugar-coated PSA campaigns to educate on nuclear energy’s advantages even counting worst case accidents — especially compared other industries — and #2, just as important, implement a rapid-response nuclear truth squad to hit the media or YouTube when celeb anti-nukers such as Arnie pop up TOTALLY unchallenged by an uncritical media to spread their poison with off-the-wall anti-nuclear allegations and dubious “evidence” as he’s peddling today. The nuclear circuit ought be on Arnie’s back like white on rice.

    James Greenidge

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