ANS Vice President Corradini discusses ANS Fukushima report

American Nuclear Society Vice President/President Elect Michael Corradini—co-chair of the ANS Special Committee on Fukushima—discusses the findings of the ANS Special Committee report and other Fukushima-related matters in this news clip, filmed in conjunction with a March speaking engagement at an Oak Ridge/Knoxville ANS Local Section dinner meeting.

2 thoughts on “ANS Vice President Corradini discusses ANS Fukushima report

  1. lscheele

    ANS is an active supporter, sponsor and participant in the nuclear blogging community. The bloggers are individuals — it’s not up to ANS to deputize them — as individuals, they chart their own course!

  2. James Greenidge

    Michael Corradini did a nice job appearing before a news reporter whose stoic nuances hints to me he places more validity in the likes of Arnie (sorry), but unfortunately Corradini was hamstrung by talking specifically about his report than breaking into the wider issues that most concerns and alarms the nuclear unwashed. Comparative Industry Accident Mortality Rates is a great way to break the ice of nuclear jitters out there for one, and challenging bogus radiation and mutation claims head on is another. It would’ve been nice had Corradini mentioned that the years-long quarantined Fukushima evacuation zones mentioned are largely politically evacuated since their rad readings are even less than the much higher background of inhabited unmutated regions around the world; that little fact of relevance and proportion would’ve done wonders in assuaging the public. Now is not the time for poodles but pit bulls to be thrown into the ring to take on the often malicious accusations of anti-nukers, and I hope those as ANS and NEI would help sponsor and deputize nuclear bloggers such as Will Davis and Rod Adams and Dan Yurman among others to take on anti-nukers in their local debates in the grass-roots where it really counts.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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