100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

Commitments kept across time and space result in recognition of a growing number of voices

The 100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Atomic Power Review

This is a remarkable achievement based on the voluntary collaboration of the pro-nuclear bloggers of North America.  Also, it is the occasion of the launch of the Nuclear Literacy Project.

Two industry leaders wrote congratulatory messages to mark the 100th Carnival. See the complete messages at Atomic Power Review which is run by Will Davis. Here are some highlights.

Eric P. Loewen, President
American Nuclear Society

“Congratulations to the nuclear bloggers and advocates on the occasion of the 100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers. This milestone is a testament to the energy and passion of the nuclear community to share information on the benefits that nuclear energy holds for humanity. You are the people with the knowledge and passion to talk with friends, neighbors, policy makers, teachers and students about these issues.”

* * *

Eric McErlain
Nuclear Energy Institute

“As we celebrate the 100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy, I’d like to take a moment to salute all of the nuclear bloggers, a group that’s just about too large to count these days, for the great work they do every day.”

* * *

The Carnival is the collective voice of blogs with legendary names which emerge each week to tell the story of nuclear energy.

If you want to hear the voice of the nuclear renaissance, the Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is where to find it.

Past editions have been hosted at Yes Vermont Yankee, Atomic Power Review, ANS Nuclear Cafe, Idaho Samizdat, NEI Nuclear Notes, Next Big Future, and CoolHandNuke, as well as several other popular nuclear energy blogs.

The publication of the Carnival each week is part of a commitment by the leading pro-nuclear bloggers in North America that we will speak with a collective voice on the issue of the value of nuclear energy. While we each have our own points of view, we agree that the promise of peaceful uses of the atom remains viable in our own time and for the future.

If you have a pro-nuclear energy blog, and would like to host an edition of the carnival, please contact Brian Wang at Next Big Future to get on the rotation.

This is a great collaborative effort that deserves your support. Please post a Tweet, a Facebook entry, or a link on your Web site or blog to support the carnival.

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