Friday Nuclear Matinee: Our Friend The Atom

This week’s Nuclear Matinee takes a nostalgic look back to the dawn of the Atomic Age and an exciting new power source: “atomic energy.”



One thought on “Friday Nuclear Matinee: Our Friend The Atom

  1. James Greenidge

    Nice late night matinee takes me back to TV science programming superior to what kids are fed today! Too bad Walt didn’t last long enough to further help educate the public on nuclear energy and do the job the media won’t do! One little quibble, laced with ironies; Verne’s Nautilus wasn’t powered by nukes (kinda absurd!) nor magic but from batteries ever recharged by sodium mined from undersea coal seams! Also, the Nautilus looked like it was having a hard time floundering in the _surf_ there! :)

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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