A Conversation with ANS President Eric Loewen

Here is an in-depth video interview with American Nuclear Society President Eric Loewen. Portions of this interview have been featured before in articles at the ANS Nuclear Cafe, such as “ANS Special Committee on Fukushima focuses on communication“, “ANS to hold teacher workshop in Phoenix, AZ,” and others, as well as in other venues. Here is the complete, unabridged version of the interview.

Loewen discusses his educational background, his tenure in the U.S. nuclear navy, and his subsequent scientific and professional career thus far. Loewen lays out his vision of the roles of the office of ANS president, the ANS Special Committee on Fukushima, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the particular timing of his tenure in the wake of the Fukushima events and new nuclear power construction in the United States. Finally, Loewen discusses some of the key messages the Society and its president should communicate to policy makers, educators, and the public.

See more videos at ANS Nuclear Cafe TV.

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