Sharon Kerrick Receives American Nuclear Society Presidential Citation

American Nuclear Society (ANS) President Eric Loewen, PhD, presented ANS Outreach Department Director Sharon Kerrick (retired) with a Presidential Citation in recognition of her outstanding career of service to the American Nuclear Society.  Kerrick received her award during the ANS President’s Special Session at the ANS Annual Conference: “Nuclear Science and Technology: Managing the Global Impact of Economic and Natural Events,” recently held in Chicago, Illinois.

Sharon Kerrick and ANS President Eric Loewen


Kerrick’s Presidential Citation recognizes the following:

In recognition of her contributions to nuclear science, technology, medicine, and energy; her dedication to enabling ANS Members to provide credible nuclear information to the rest of the world; and her leadership in guiding the ANS Public Information Committee.

In her 35-year career at the American Nuclear Society, Sharon always saw the big picture, inspired a creative approach through many different venues, and was willing to back innovative projects outside the status quo. Sharon has enabled members of the Society to effectively communicate with the public, to educate teachers and students, and to be strong advocates for the peaceful uses of all things nuclear.

For more information about the conference, and the upcoming ANS Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo to be held November 11-15 in San Diego, CA, visit  For information about ANS Honors and Awards, visit

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