Video interview with ANS President Dr. Michael Corradini

In this video interview, American Nuclear Society President Dr. Michael Corradini outlines some major goals and objectives for the Society during his upcoming term.

Dr. Corradini discusses updating the strategic plan to continue to improve services available to members and build membership; focusing on improving nuclear science & technology education at all levels from K-12 students to the media & national leaders; and continuing to move the Society’s financial status to a more “sound footing.”  See video for details!


One thought on “Video interview with ANS President Dr. Michael Corradini

  1. James Greenidge


    I congratulate Mr. Corradini on his new station, and look forward to him and ANS addressing what consider the stepchild of most nuclear organizations.

    Aggressive advocacy and public enlightenment.

    I have to be very ginger in saying this as not to seem disparaging of the laudable work of a lot of grass-roots nuclear advocates working in behalf of nuclear professional organizations

    Earlier this morning (July 17th) I just happened to catch Modern Marvel’s “Nuclear Tech” on the History Channel. First off, I have no illusion that producers are quite aware of the tone they set for this episode. Of course it leads off with nuclear energy’s sole legacy and menace, as a Bomb, and we’re into the show over 20 minutes showing solders exposed to nuclear explosions and different types of bombs before they belatedly get into reactors, which is treated like a “make good” sideline to the greater peril that is nuclear energy. There is a constant background of deep ominous music and little cheerful color, and none of the consultants on this show smile, much less witty and friendly-appearing, very much unlike Modern Marvels hosts on hydroelectric dams and oil/gas generation and of course, the darling whales of the energy world, windmills. Every fifteen seconds you are pressed that there’s a threat – Threat – Threat! here and anywhere around anything nuclear, and all these scenes of scary Geiger counters and great shielded vaults are man’s puny attempts to try to keep the monster in its cage. Then let’s not even get into waste and terrorist inserts here. By the time the show ended you are pretty much convinced that atomic energy’s born promise and purpose is to kill people and that nuclear reactors are just a way to put lipstick on a pig.

    Granted this show is horribly dated, but schoolchildren today are still instructed to reference Modern Marvels and “science” shows like it (and there are worst!) and casual viewers would assume what’s featured on the show is the last and seal word on the subject. Just this one airing of this show sets back scores of local nuclear education programs and efforts taking weeks to formulate and erect. The crux here is that to effectively counter and correct obsolete allegations and often over-the-top presentations darkening and demonizing nuclear energy, you must meet them on the same court – the mass media, whether network or community cable.

    While organization-sponsored neighborhood nuclear study and enlightenment programs are well intended, these efforts are woefully ineffective at getting the message out to the masses where critical votes count in nuclear policy. I would rather re-direct the talent and energies of those involved in local/neighborhood nuclear education programs into a mass media campaigns, training out first on YouTube then outwards to produce nuclear PSAs sponsored by pro nuclear organizations.

    Anti-nuclear activists have learned these lessons well, and the proof of the pudding is that nuclear plants have to pull every measure in the book just to stay open, much less get built. This a failure of mass nuclear education. Fukushima mass media reporting should’ve been vigorously grilled for FUD in the mass media via PSAs, but all we got were crickets on this front while anti-nuclear activists made hay. Sorry, but sometimes I get the impression that the nuclear industry/unions and professional nuclear organizations are a little cocky dismissing the termites in the basement. To get the word out, to educate the public on nuclear energy and to get plants built — be they LWR or Thorium — one has to drop playing defense and go gung-ho aggressive on the mass education mass media front. Local and neighborhood nuclear education projects and efforts, valiant and heartwarming as they are, aren’t going to cut it when the national media itself is philosophically on the side of the likes of Arnie and Helen. Put all that great local nuclear education activist talent on the mass media front lines instead and hit YouTube then some network PSAs, if not a short dedicated nuclear ed program!

    Good luck.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY