Low-Level Waste Management in Radwaste Solutions Magazine

The July/August issue of Radwaste Solutions is available in hard copy and electronically for subscribers (click “subscribers” link in left column).  This issue features articles on low-level radioactive waste management, in addition to coverage of the technology and policy of high-level radioactive waste management.

Cover stories include:

  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management in the United States: What Have We Wrought? by Lawrence R. Jacobi, Jr.
  • Advanced Approaches to Reduce Waste, Slash Costs by Electric Power Research Institute
  • Disposition of the West Valley Demonstration Project Vitrification Melter by Nancy J. Zacha

Other features include articles on the DC Court of Appeals decision on the NRC waste confidence rule, the reversibility and retrievability of spent nuclear fuel disposal, policy issues associated with deep borehole high-level waste disposal, the use of remote submersibles at Sellafield, state and local agency readiness for radiological detection and control, and the necessity, or lack thereof, of deep geologic repositories.

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