Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space 2013: Call for Papers

February 25–28, 2013 • Albuquerque Marriott, N.M.

Abstract Submissions Due: September 4, 2012

On February 25–28, 2013, the Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Division of the American Nuclear Society will hold the 2013 Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space (NETS 2013) topical meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. This conference represents the second stand-alone topical meeting in Albuquerque since the previous Space Technologies and Applications International Forum, and follows a successful meeting in 2012 held in conjunction with the 43rd Lunar Planetary Science Conference.

Topic areas

NASA is currently developing capabilities for robotic and crewed missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Strategies that implement advanced power and propulsion technologies, as well as radiation protection, will be important in accomplishing these missions. NETS serves as a major communications network and forum for professionals and students working in the area of space nuclear technology. Every year NETS facilitates the exchange of information among research and management personnel from international government, industry, academia, and the national laboratory systems. To this end, the NETS 2013 meeting will address topics ranging from overviews of current programs to methods of meeting the challenges of future space endeavors.


Track 1: Current Space Architectures and Missions
Space Science and Exploration Missions
Industrial Programs
Defense Architectures
Spacecraft Concepts and Design
Lunar and Planetary Surface Concepts
Mission Analysis and Validation Missions
Space Policy and Procedures

Track 2: Present Enabling Capabilities
Plutonium-238 Production
Radioisotope Power Systems
Power Conversion Systems and Components
Supporting Technologies (including Heat Rejection and Power
Management & Distribution)
Space Radiation Environment and Protection
Impact on Human Operations 

Track 3: Near-Term Nuclear Technologies
Reactor and Shield Design
Reactor Simulation
Fuels Development
Materials and Radiation Testing
Alternative Radioisotopic Systems and Applications
Systems Integration
Tools and Modeling
Testing and Validation 

Track 4: Augmenting Nuclear Capabilities
Advanced Reactor Concepts
Advanced Fuels and Materials
Hybrid Nuclear Systems
Enhanced Computational Methods
Improved Radioisotopic Power System Design
Nuclear Enabled In-Situ Resource Utilization 

Track 5: Innovative and Advanced Technologies
Low Alpha Multi-Megawatt Power Systems
Fusion Systems
Non-Traditional Methods
Novel Mission Design


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2 thoughts on “Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space 2013: Call for Papers

  1. Ted Lawson

    Former astronaut Franklin Diaz’s plasma drive company, out to build a one month to Mars plasma engine, ludicrously shows its spacecraft sailing to Saturn on massive solar arrays. This kind of unwarranted nuclearphobia in and outside NASA needs to be addressed.

  2. James Greenidge

    I’d like to see brought up the issue of repealing the U.N.’s Space Nuclear Test Ban to permit not only nuclear explosives to be used for lunar and asteroid mining, but to permit development of the nuclear-pulse drive system of the original Orion spaceship first proposed in the sixties. This cheap and relatively easy design can shuttle tens of thousands of tons of payload between planetary orbits in months and change the whole economies and travel timescales of deep space travel and exploitation.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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