Intermission blogging

The draft SEIS meeting for disposition of surplus weapons plutonium in MOX fuel started out relatively smoothly—lots (and I mean lots) of pro-nuclear folks in the room; my initial estimates would put the pro-nuclear folks from the University of Tennessee and Chattannooga State University at over half the crowd present. No zombie sightings as of yet.

Public comments beginning soon—in the meantime, Suzy Hobbs-Baker put together some excellent counter-cultural pro-nuclear signs.Pro-nuclear signs for the MOX meeting

Likewise, the Department of Energy open house preceding the meeting featured some very cool mockups of the proposed MOX fuel assemblies, including cutaways to show MOX fuel pellets within fuel assembly pins.

MOX assembly model

A mock MOX assembly

Laura Scheele of the American Nuclear Society is speaking now, presenting the official ANS position statement on disposition of surplus plutonium into MOX fuel, so that means the intermission is over…

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