ANS wants your VOTE! in WSJ nuclear energy online poll

Voting season is upon us!  The Wall Street Journal has an online poll underway:

Vote: Should the World Increase its Reliance on Nuclear Energy?

Voting is very quick and easy.  And… comments can be very educational for others. See Meredith Angwin’s ANS Nuclear Cafe post: Pro-Nuclear Activism: Something for Everyone for more comments about comments. Thanks for your support!


One thought on “ANS wants your VOTE! in WSJ nuclear energy online poll

  1. Meredith Angwin

    According to a nuclear bulletin board I am on (not an ANS board) one anti-nuclear organization is urging its members to clear their browser history and cookie-cache…and vote many times. I have not checked out the website of that organization to see if this is actually the case. Plus, they probably sent such comments in an email, not the website, if they sent them at all.

    I do not recommend pro-nuclear people to play that sort of game. But is important that pro-nuclear people VOTE!

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