Carnival of Nuclear Energy 125

The 125th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up right now at “The Next Big Future.”

Every week, the leading pro-nuclear bloggers assemble their most important posts and present them at the Carnival.  The Carnival is the best way to make sure that you’re up to speed on what the most significant and popular pro-nuclear blog articles were for the previous week. Many nuclear bloggers consider it “required reading!”

The Carnival rotates from blog to blog each week; blogs regularly hosting the Carnival include ANS Nuclear Cafe, Yes! Vermont Yankee, Next Big Future, Atomic Power Review, The Hiroshima Syndrome, and Idaho Samizdat.  Past editions have been hosted also at NEI Nuclear Notes and CoolHandNuke.

Support the Carnival by making a Tweet, or a Facebook post, or a mirror post on your blog.  Help spread the word that informed commentary on nuclear energy is available at these blogs, and is represented every week at the Carnivals. Those of us who believe that nuclear energy has a safe, viable place work tirelessly to ensure it retains just that.  The bloggers do it for free on their own sites; recognize their efforts by helping to get the word out!

If you have a pro-nuclear energy blog and would like to host an edition of the carnival, please contact Brain Wang at Next Big Future to get on the rotation.

About Will Davis

Will Davis is the Communications Director for the N/S Savannah Association, Inc. where he also serves as historian, newsletter editor and member of the board of directors. Davis has recently been engaged by the Global America Business Institute as a consultant. He is also a consultant to, and writer for, the American Nuclear Society; an active ANS member, he is serving on the ANS Communications Committee 2013–2016. In addition, he is a contributing author for Fuel Cycle Week, and writes his own popular blog Atomic Power Review. Davis is a former US Navy reactor operator, qualified on S8G and S5W plants.

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