Nuclear Matinee: A Look at an Online Nuclear Science & Technology Course

A free college-level internet course surveying the theory, design, and operation of commercial nuclear power reactors is starting soon! This course will be taught by Larry Foulke, PhD, PE, former president of the American Nuclear Society.

“A Look at Nuclear Science and Technology” is aimed at scientifically inclined individuals who want to learn more about nuclear energy and the nuclear power industry. It will address subjects such as: What is nuclear energy? What is its history? Who are its heroes? Why is it controversial? How do nuclear power plants work? What about nuclear weapons? What are the stereotypes and misconceptions?

Dr. Foulke explains more in this video introduction:

See the Course Website for the course syllabus, FAQ, and how to sign up!




7 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: A Look at an Online Nuclear Science & Technology Course

  1. lscheele

    @Phillip, since you’re posting using a residential solar power domain email address, you might want to check this out:

    [Image removed to conserve bandwidth, please visit I Dig U Mining blogsite for more information]

    All these materials are just as “dangerous” as the materials that make up nuclear fuel.

    Careful, though … you might learn something.

  2. Phillip

    Wow, that is a really inspiring comment, to get our best and brightest to move forward without having to use the most dangerous thing on earth. That would be wonderful.

  3. darklite

    The exploration of nuclear power technologies should continue but be restricted for use in space. Thinking that something that’s gone on, without contest, does not equate to its being acceptable. We’ve abandoned a host of practices throughout human history, as they were eventually deemed unethical or dangerous to the general welfare of society. And the fact that a practice is protected by the empowered, does not equate to it as being acceptable, either. The time has arrived in our species’ history when we need to direct our finest engineers towards the healing of our environment and the development of benign energy production technologies. Such an effort will require unfettered brilliance and commitment; the very resources that the nuclear technologies industry can offer. Time to move is now!

  4. lscheele

    I have the index and syllabus. It’s a seven-week online course with a suggested workload of 4-8 hours a week and a suggested basic background understanding of physics and simple, first order ordinary differential equations.

    Most promoters I know (well, and pimps, too, though I don’t know any in real life … as far as I know) don’t suggest I brush up on my science and math skills before making the hard sell.

  5. Phillip

    An obvious pimp for the nuke,
    read the index, it is all about promoting nuke.

    Stop promoting, start educating!

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