Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers No. 126

The 126th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers posted this weekend at the very new blog titled “Entreprenuclear,” the enterprising product of Joel Riddle.  Click here to see this episode of the Carnival.

It is also worth noting that Entreprenuclear hosts the Carnival on the occasion of that site’s sixth month anniversary.

Every week, the Carnival brings together the top posts from the best and brightest pro-nuclear bloggers writing in the English language.  Subjects of all kinds and approaches of all types can be found in this vital, rotating weekly affair.

Past Carnival events have been held at Next Big Future, Atomic Power Review, Yes Vermont Yankee, ANS Nuclear Cafe, The Hiroshima Syndrome, and others; even more bloggers regularly participate with contributed posts.

Help promote the Carnival today by making a blog post, a Facebook post, or a Tweet – help the rest of the world find out what the pro-nuclear bloggers thought to be the most important topics of the week.

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