ANS Honors and Awards

Many prestigious and well-deserved honors and awards were presented in the opening plenary of the 2012 American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting.  Presented by Dr. Paul J. Turinsky of North Carolina State University, who himself was awarded the ANS Presidential Citation in 2009, and Dr. Michael Corradini of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, President of the American Nuclear Society.

Elia Merzari (left), Argonne National Laboratory, accepting the Young Member Excellence Award from Paul Turinsky (right)


Dr. Xiaodong Sun accepting the Young Members Advancement Award for the ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division


Dr. Charles R. Martin accepting the Theos J. “Tommy” Thompson Award on behalf of William E. Vesely


Hisashi Ninokata (left) and John Luxat (right) accepting the THD Technical Achievement Award


Terry Kammash, University of Michigan, accepting the Seaborg Medal


Susana Reyes, LLNL, accepting the Mary J. Oestmann Professional Women’s Achievement Award


Ronald Allen Knief, SNL, accepting the Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award


Candace Davison, Pennsylvania State University, accepting the Landis Public Communications & Education Award


Toshikazu Takeda (left), University of Fukui, promoted to ANS Fellow, presented by Michael Corradini (right)


John C. Wagner, ORNL, promoted to ANS Fellow


X. George Xu, RPI, promoted to ANS Fellow


Bojan Petrovic, Georgia Institute of Technology, promoted to ANS Fellow


Audeen Fentiman, Purdue University, promoted to ANS Fellow


Dr. Salomon Levy (left) accepting an ANS Presidential Citation from Michael Corradini


Hearty congratulations to these honors and awards recipients, and thank you for your invaluable contributions to advancements in nuclear science and technology.

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