ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinee: The Radioactive Orchestra

With the 2012 American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting wrapping up in San Diego, a musical tribute to the nuclear sciences and technologies—and now, the nuclear arts!— is in order.

In this excellent TEDx presentation, media artist Kristofer Hagbard talks about making a musical connection to the world of atoms, and demos the orchestra’s first live musical instrument powered by radioactivity. His introductory explanation of the complexity, and yes, the beauty of the hidden world of radioactivity, as seen through the lens of the artist, is quite profound. Highly recommended viewing.

Visit for much more information, more videos, and an album of the orchestra’s works.

One thought on “ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinee: The Radioactive Orchestra

  1. Twominds

    That was interesting and beautiful! Parts of it (the uranium harp) remind me of new age music. I’d love to let some of my friends who tend to new age thinking, hear this and then spring upon them what the source of the music is!

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