Nuclear Cafe Matinee: Powering America – How A Nuclear Plant Works

When you get right down to it… to many people, nuclear power can seem rather mysterious. Fortunately, this short video takes viewers inside US nuclear power plants and explains the nuts and bolts of how a nuclear plant operates—as told by the people who actually maintain and operate them.

Thanks to The Heritage Foundation for the video. We also highly recommend the full documentary on America’s nuclear power industry at

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Cafe Matinee: Powering America – How A Nuclear Plant Works

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  2. stock

    “its a heck of a way to boil water” leaving behind substances that we MUST get the political powers that be to have the courage to actually do something with the waste products. The technology can be harnessed like a wild horse, but the political human element is something that even the strongest of us need to operate as a group in order to get the powers that be to man up and address the waste!

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