The 136th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers

The 136th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers is up right now at Atomic Power Review.  You can click here to see this latest installment of a long running tradition.

This week’s Carnival features a wide variety of topical material, and introduces a brand new nuclear energy related blog which host Will Davis has personally selected as a “Captain’s Choice” of sorts.

The publication of the Carnival each week is part of a commitment by the leading pro-nuclear bloggers in North America to speak with a collective voice on the issue of the value of nuclear energy.

While we each have our own points of view, we agree that the promise of peaceful uses of the atom remains viable in our own time and for the future.

Past editions of the carnival have been hosted at Yes Vermont Yankee, Atomic Power Review, ANS Nuclear Cafe, Idaho Samizdat, NEI Nuclear Notes, Next Big Future, Atomic Insights, Hiroshima Syndrome, EntrepreNuke, and CoolHandNuke.

If you have a pro-nuclear energy blog and would like to host an edition of the carnival, please contact Brain Wang at Next Big Future to get on the rotation.

This is a great collaborative effort that deserves your support. Please post a Tweet, a Facebook entry, or a link on your Web site or blog to support the carnival.

About Will Davis

Former US Navy Reactor Operator. Qualified on S8G prototype and operationally in fleet on S5W (SSBN-641G USS Simon Bolivar); all in rate and adjunct watchstations through SRO. Author of Atomic Power Review blog since April 2010. Moderator of ANS Social Media List; providing social media management services under contract to ANS as well as exclusive technical and analytical content for the ANS Nuclear Cafe blog.