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The Nuclear Fuel Cycle has been extensively revised since the previous edition published in 1999, and it includes a whole new chapter on nuclear safeguards.  The book covers all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle — from cradle to grave.  Topics include the available nuclear fuel resources (uranium and thorium), extraction of the metals from the ore, fabrication of nuclear fuel, use of the fuel for power generation, and management and disposal of used fuel and radioactive wastes.  Other topics discussed are basic reactor physics, in-core and out-of-core fuel management, possible fuel cycles, nuclear power economics, and nuclear safeguards.  The various methods of generating electricity are also described and compared, concentrating on their environmental effects.


CONTE 2013: Conference on Nuclear Training and Education contains 98 summaries.  This year’s conference focus brought together an international forum of participants to discuss the issues facing nuclear energy training and education and the future of the nuclear industry.  Topics include the developing workforce, newcomer countries, nuclear uniform curriculum program, personnel training and education, engineering education, leadership development, systematic approach to training, simulator changes in the industry, and the impact of Fukushima on the industry.  NOW AVAILABLE!

Advances in Thermal Hydraulics (ATH ’12) contains over 30 papers with topics ranging from fundamental research in two-phase flow and heat transfer, numerical applications and reactor operation/safety, thermal-hydraulics of waste management and non-power systems, code developments, and simulation applications and experimental thermal hydraulics.

The International Meeting on Severe Accident Assessment and Management: Lessons Learned from Fukushima Daiichi provides a comprehensive and current view of safety research and analyses for beyond-design-base accidents, with more than 50 papers from many organizations and countries from around the world.

8th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control, and Human-Machine Interface Technologies (NPIC & HMIT 2012) contains over 200 papers with topics ranging from digital I&C upgrades in research reactors, nuclear energy research and development in I&C, knowledge management and workforce development, human performance modeling and simulation, control room design and evaluation case studies, PRA/PSA-HRA applications in HFE, experience with I&C system modernization, common issues with digital I&C systems, modeling risk in digital I& C systems, surveillance, diagnostics and prognostics technologies and applications, control room modernization, HFE verification and validation, innovative control room design tools, international collaboration and experiences in human organizational factors, cyber security and digital I&C systems, EMI/RFI issues with digital I&C systems, equipment and process condition monitoring, applications of technology to enhance maintenance and operations, the HFE of SMRS, information presentation techniques to improve decision making, wireless technology applications in nuclear power plants, multilevel flow modeling, and human performance measurement methods and tools.

2012 International Congress on Advances in National Power Plants (ICAPP ’12) provided a forum for leaders of the nuclear industry to exchange information. The proceeding presents results from new work, reviews the state of the art, and discusses future directions and needs for the deployment of new nuclear power plant systems around the world. ICAPP generally features about 300 to 400 peer-reviewed full-length papers and presentations and 6 plenary sessions.

ANS Embedded Topical Meeting: Decommissioning, Decontamination and Reutilization (DD&R 2012) served as a forum for the discussion of the social, regulatory, scientific, and technical aspects of decontamination, decommissioning, and reutilization, and waste management.  The DD&R 2012 conference program includes commercial, government, and international project updates as well as present project management, technology, and regulatory developments in the areas of decommissioning, waste management, site closure, and legacy management.

PHYSOR 2012 contains about 380 papers with topics ranging from reactor analysis methods, fuel and reactor core designs, fuel cycle physics, neutronics calculations and experiments, research reactors and spallation sources, advances in reactor materials, education in reactor physics, reactor kinetics, safety analysis, multiphysics simulations, and Fukushima Dai-ichi: One Year Later.

Tenth International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of Accelerators (AccApp ’11) contains about 75 papers and was organized in 20 sessions covering diverse topics including operational experience of existing facilities, facilities in the project stage, ion sources and accelerators, beam dumps and targetry, isotope production, medical applications, interrogation systems, nuclear waste transmutation, energy production, and tools for prediction of radiation environments.


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