Friday Nuclear Matinee: Types Of Radiation

All ages are welcome at the Friday Nuclear Matinee for this short video from the UK. Kids get in free! Also, adults who enjoy British accents–and cartoons–and the funny word “aluminium.”

Alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays… what are they and how do they differ? This helpful video aimed at the younger set explains some of the basics. Enjoy!

Note: The visible glow from potassium uranyl nitrate (or sulfate) is not actually from radioactivity – see this post at ANS Nuclear Cafe for a more thorough but equally entertaining exploration of Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity

Thanks to Virtual School UK.

2 thoughts on “Friday Nuclear Matinee: Types Of Radiation

  1. Jim

    Did everyone see that Fox News is continuing their yellow journalism on Nuclear Issues? For the tank leaks at Hanford, they showed the Columbia cooling towers on the national news. Anything with nuclear in the title is really bad when reported by Fox News – Fair and Unbalanced when it comes to Nuclear Power.

  2. James Greenidge

    Another role for education clips like this is for rapid media/web educational response units to explain and put in perspective minor nuclear-related incidents before the media and antis distort and exaggerate their perils, such as this recent leakage of rad tanks at Hanford. The cost for doing this is trivial compared to damage control and reversing stained public perceptions.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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