Extended Power Uprates in February Nuclear News

The February issue of Nuclear News magazine is available in hard copy and electronically for American Nuclear Society members (click ‘ANS Members’ or ‘Subscribers’ in left column). Don’t let a month go by without your Nuclear News!

The February issue contains a feature article on extended power uprates:

This issue also features news on the Department of Energy’s new used fuel/high level waste strategy, and Renaissance watch: an update on developments that may lead to new power reactors. Other news in this issue:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission hears arguments for and against filtered containment venting systems; one hearing request denied, another under review concerning issues at San Onofre; NRC commissioners briefed on status of Fort Calhoun, no restart target date set; challenges to Davis-Besse and Seabrook license renewals rejected; NRC to consider petition concerning solar flares; ASLB to hold hearing on Fermi-3 license application in late October or early November; Savannah River Site contemplates its role in spent fuel management; new firm chosen to manage Y-12 complex and Pantex Plant; regulators approve restart of South Korea’s Yonggwang-5 and -6; Posiva submits final waste repository application to Finnish government; China begins construction of HTR-PM demonstration plant; construction begins on China’s Tianwan-3; Australian minister delays decision on Wiluna uranium project; DOE announces education and infrastructure grants; radiation dose to astronauts on mission to Mars deemed tolerable; Toshiba acquires Nuclear Energy Holdings’ interest in Westinghouse; NRC issues guidance for performing tsunami assessment. And there is much more.

Don’t go a month without your Nuclear News!


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