ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee: The Best Science Online

“The best science online” according to someone who really ought to know: Henry Reich, creator of MinutePhysics.

The ANS Nuclear Matinee has been delighted and privileged to feature videos from MinutePhysics (such as the wonderful explanations of the Higgs boson and the meaning of its discovery, the sh0cking news that E=mc² Is Incomplete, and the two-thirds of this great Matinee triple feature). Reich also was, to the best of our knowledge, the American Nuclear Society’s first distinguished virtual panelist—at the ANS Winter Meeting, in November 2012.

But… what inspires the inspired? On to MinutePhysics’ best science online:

No cheating and looking ahead! It really is fun and informative to see and hear the Grand Tour.

And now to save any frenzied scribbling:

 xkcd what if?
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Empirical Zeal
Sean Carroll
Terry Tao
It’s Okay To Be Smart
I ¶#@*ing Love Science
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Scale of the Universe
The Character of Physical Law
Fake Science

Youtube Channels:

Sixty Symbols
Periodic Videos
Crash Course
The Brain Scoop
Smarter Every Day
Vi Hart
George Hart

Thanks to MinutePhysics

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