A Boy And His Atom – The World’s Smallest Movie

A group of IBM researchers have created the world’s smallest movie – starring 130 atoms (well, the oxygen atoms of carbon monoxide molecules).  An atomic-scale must-see!

That’s definitely a lot of fun.  But the real fun is how they did it.  A great “making of” documentary below.  Enjoy!

Science and technology reporter John Roach does a fine job on the story at NBC News.

Thanks to International Business Machines Corporation

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One thought on “A Boy And His Atom – The World’s Smallest Movie

  1. James Greenidge

    Thanks for this. I marvel at the precision it takes just to keep such a tiny area in target to work on! I’m looking forward to more in-depth articles on this on such as, just what is that flat background composed of; shouldn’t it be a bead-like field of other atoms, and are we actually looking at the atom’s spherical electron clouds than the “physical” nucleus instead? Science fun!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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