Friday Nuclear Matinee: The 5th Annual Texas Atomic Film Festival

It’s that end-of-semester time of year, and that means it’s time to showcase this year’s Texas Atomic Film Festival!  Each year engineering students at UT–Austin communicate some rather difficult and technical nuclear concepts – and blow off some steam in a time of term papers and final exams – via the wondrous medium of the silver screen.

This year’s winner in the Technical Content category is Nuclear Power: A Solution to Global Warming

Not too worried about anthropogenic climate change?  No worries, there are plenty of good reasons in the video to expand the use of nuclear power anyway.  Or, take a musical ride through nuclear history with this year’s feature voted Best Overall Film – We Didn’t Start The Reactor

See the Texas Atomic Film Festival website for The Tale of Mad Dr. Rad, Nuclear Shakedown, and even more feature films.

Dr. Steven Biegalski is a professor of nuclear engineering whose students produce TAFF and he moderates the film festival.  The Faculty Innovation Center at UT–Austin assists with the organization of the project and provides infrastructure for students to complete their projects.

The full TAFF playlist can be found on YouTube at the official Cockrell School Channel.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Nuclear Matinee: The 5th Annual Texas Atomic Film Festival

  1. Atomikrabbit

    Nice first effort guys – nuclear needs talented, well-informed communicators now at least as much as it needs engineers.

    Steven Spielberg started out as an unpaid studio intern doing pieces not much more advanced than these videos. Even if Pandora’s Promise wins Best Documentary, I’ll still be looking forward in a few years to your own “Fermi’s List”.

  2. James Greenidge

    These are all valiant and noble public nuclear education efforts, but they are just too “niche” to be truely effective. If there was a way to find some sympathetic producer or gutsy pop artist to help sponser a Pandora on the TV networks and webcasts it would be a significent step enlightening the voting masses, not just a campus and off-mainstream movie crowd. I wish those with the resources to effect such stepped up to the plate and put cash where their mouths, like Bill Gate’s supposed passion for nuclear energy.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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