June 2013 edition of Nuclear Science and Engineering available

june 2013 nse 201x265 bThe June 2013 edition of the research journal Nuclear Science and Engineering is available both electronically and in hard copy for American Nuclear Society member subscribers and others.

NSE publishes articles on research and development related to peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, radiation, and  alternative energy sources. It is edited by Dr. Dan Cacuci.

The June issue contains the following peer-reviewed articles:

Multicell Correction Method for Treatment of Heterogeneities in Full-Core Calculation of CANDU-Type Reactors
Wei Shen, Dimitar Altiparmakov

Neutronic Analysis of the Oregon State TRIGA Reactor in Support of Conversion from HEU Fuel to LEU Fuel
M. R. Hartman, S. T. Keller, S. R. Reese, B. Robinson, J. Stevens, J. E. Matos, W. R. Marcum, T. S. Palmer, B. G. Woods

Multilevel NDA Methods for Solving Multigroup Eigenvalue Neutron Transport Problems
Dmitriy Y. Anistratov

Unstructured Triangular Nodal-SP3 Method Based on an Exponential Function Expansion
Yunzhao Li, Hongchun Wu, Liangzhi Cao

Stochastic Eigenvalues in Multiplying Systems
M. M. R. Williams

Predicted Water Chemistry in the Primary Coolant Circuit of a Supercritical Water Reactor
Mei-Ya Wang, Tsung-Kuang Yeh, Hong-Ming Liu, Min Lee

Quasi-Differential Neutron Scattering in Zirconium from 0.5 to 20 MeV
D. P. Barry, G. Leinweber, R. C. Block, T. J. Donovan, Y. Danon, F. J. Saglime, A. M. Daskalakis, M. J. Rapp, R. M. Bahran

Measurements of Isomeric Cross Sections for (n,) Reaction on 144Sm Isotope for Neutrons Around 14 MeV
Iskender Atilla Reyhancan, Ayse Durusoy

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