Carnival of Nuclear Energy 161

ans white logo 300x300This 161st edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Energy, presented at the ANS Nuclear Cafe, comes to you posted from the 2013 ANS Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia.  Everyone here is excited and energized about this year’s meeting, and we’re proud to host the Carnival in its midst!

Every week, the top pro-nuclear bloggers (and, increasingly, news and op-ed writers) submit their top picks of that week’s content.  Following the Carnival will thus keep you on top of what these highly in-touch, articulate thinkers feel were the hot topics of the week.  With that – let’s get to this week’s entries.

4 Factor Consulting / Margaret Harding

Scare Crow?  Nope, this girl has a brain.    A brief, serious and puzzling illness some time back exposed Margaret Harding to nuclear medicine; here is the story.

Yes Vermont Yankee / Meredith Angwin

San Onofre Reactions; the Accurate, the Mixed, and the Ugly.  In this blog post, Meredith Angwin describes  blogger and newspaper reactions to the closing (the accurate and the mixed) and a Huffington Post discussion of the closing  (the mixed and the ugly).  She embeds the 25 minute video of the Huffington Post debate.

Next Big Future / Brian Wang

Canada Approves the Cigar Lake Uranium Mine.  Old nuclear plant shutdowns would not be notable if there was more new nuclear construction.

Pakistan to build 1100 MWe reactors.  Construction will begin next year — probably the first eight to be completed by 2030.

Nuke Power Talk / Gail Marcus

There’s More to Him than His Hair!   Gail Marcus takes a look on the light side this week at Nuke Power Talk, commenting on the to-do in the press about Ernie Moniz’s hair.  She does note that we should be more focused on what is in his head than what is on it.

Atomic Insights / Rod Adams

UCS Guilty of Harming Humans by Reinforcing Fear Mongering.   Fighting back against UCS’s (Union of Concerned Scientists) negatively-slanted review of Pandora’s Promise and its unjustified attack on Gwyneth Cravens and Robert Stone.

ANS Nuclear Cafe – submitted by Paul Bowersox

Environmental Impact Evaluations – Seeing the Bigger (Nuclear vs.
Fossil) Picture”   With the announcement last week of the closing of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and ongoing additional NRC environmental impact
evaluations of long-term storage of spent fuel – Jim Hopf notes that
nuclear risks are being evaluated in isolation, while overall impacts of
the alternatives are not being considered.

Atomic Power Review / Will Davis

San Onofre Officially Shut Down.   For the record, here is the press release from SCE documenting the official notification to NRC that SONGS was permanently shut down.  The previous post on the blog is the original announcement that SCE / SDE&G had decided to retire the plant, but had not notified NRC yet.

ANS2013checkinThat’s it for this week’s Carnival.  As you can see at right, the American Nuclear Society’s 2013 Annual Meeting is underway, with folks at the registration desk signing in and various meetings already well underway.  We hope to see you here this week!

About Will Davis

Will Davis is the Communications Director for the N/S Savannah Association, Inc. where he also serves as historian, newsletter editor and member of the board of directors. Davis has recently been engaged by the Global America Business Institute as a consultant. He is also a consultant to, and writer for, the American Nuclear Society; an active ANS member, he is serving on the ANS Communications Committee 2013–2016. In addition, he is a contributing author for Fuel Cycle Week, and writes his own popular blog Atomic Power Review. Davis is a former US Navy reactor operator, qualified on S8G and S5W plants.

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