Nuclear Matinee: Westinghouse We Are Nuclear Energy TV Commercial

Presenting a new nuclear energy TV commercial – unveiled at the 2013 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting this week!

How do you like it?  What do you think?

Also see ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee: AREVA’s Funkytown

Thanks to Westinghouse Electric Company

6 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: Westinghouse We Are Nuclear Energy TV Commercial

  1. PigWig

    Dr. Parthasarathy:

    I just finished reading your editorial in The Daily Star. It is my new go-to source when I am obliged to answer a “net-wit” when they crack wise with TCTM.

    Of course, the anti-nuclear activists have their own trite phrase they will soon have to live down: “Free Energy”. The Germans, even those who favor their country’s anti-nuclear Energiewende, already beg to differ.

    My hat’s off to you, Sir; and thank you.


  2. James Greenidge

    Nice spot, but where’s it gonna play? At 2:30 am on channel 436? Just a very real wonder. I only regret they didn’t at least touch the invisible 800 pound Fukushima gorilla and added something like “…in one of the (historically) proven safest and healthiest industries ever created bar none.” Hardly offensive or controversial to say that!

    An aside: “too cheap to meter”
    You know, I wish someone would chase down and expose the origins (usually media) of cute inaccurate or bogus phases like this like urban legends. No engineer ever said “a bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly.” (hey, if they can that mean’s there’s a way, right?) Some media clown quipped that long ago, another such fool’s gold nuggets.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  3. Greg Keller

    Good commercial, but still a commercial. As a 35 year nuclear veteran, I am always in favor of the general public seeing a pro-nuclear message. Areva’s Funkytown from years ago comes to mind.

    I think the ANS should create pro-nuclear power generation commercials, much like the coal industry does. I think a large number of organizations would contribute to this. Sell the industry, not a specific company. If the general public can be convinced that coal is clean and that plug-in electric cars have zero emissions, surely the great minds of the nuclear industry can come up with something that sways public opinion.

    I suggest the ANS develop a budget and then ask the membership for funding. Maybe I’m wrong and companies will not contribute. You might think about ways contributing companies can get special recognition. Premium booth spaces at the UWC, discounted Nuclear News ad space, etc.

    I would be happy to volunteer on any committee formed to evaluate this endeavor.

  4. Denis Beller

    This is a great commercial. Mentions clean air without saying that means global warming gasses, then mentions carbon without promoting catastrophic or disastrous global warming hysteria, and follows that with no air pollution (thus implying that CO2 emissions aren’t air pollution). It also promotes existing US leadership and other fine attributes of nuclear energy (jobs, community support).

    This one won’t come back to bite us like “too cheap to meter” did/does (yes, I know that statement wasn’t originated by nukes) and the global warming justification will.

    Great job Westinghouse! I hope it plays in Nevada, but doubt it.

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