ANS Honors and Awards

Many honors and awards were presented at the 2013 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting opening plenary session. Congratulations to four new ANS Fellows and several new honors and awards recipients, and thank you for your contributions to nuclear science and technology. Photos and citations:

ANS Fellows

Presented by ANS Immediate Past President Michael Corradini:

George F. Flanagan
Distinguished R&D Staff Member
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For his leadership in the field of nuclear safety, especially in the area of liquid-metal-reactor safety, space reactor safety, and the safety of research reactors, employing applications of probabilistic risk assessment.

flanagan 240x406


Ali Mosleh
Professor, Nuclear Engineering Program
Director, Center for Risk and Reliability
University of Maryland

For his original contributions to the theory and practice of probabilistic risk assessment and reliability engineering.

mosleh 240x449


Thomas M. Sutton
Consultant Engineer
BMPC-Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

For his original contributions in the development and application of advanced mathematical techniques to the solution of nuclear engineering problems, including the advancement of computational methods for reactor physics.

sutton c 240x313


Mark S. Tillack
Research Scientist and Lecturer
University of California, San Diego

For his pioneering contributions in the field of fusion nuclear technology, including his research contributions and leadership activities in fusion nuclear technology R&D in both magnetic and inertial fusion energy.



Presidential Citations

Joyce Connery
Director, Nuclear Energy Policy
Office of International Economics
National Security Council

For excellence in communication and collaboration between the various instrumentalities of the federal government and the nuclear community aimed at strengthening U.S. nuclear safety, security, and trade policies.

connery 240x341


Leslie Barbour
Director, Legislative Programs
Nuclear Energy Institute

For serving as an effective facilitator and communicator between the nuclear science and engineering academic community and the nuclear industry in developing ongoing outreach to policy makers and other stakeholders on the importance of nuclear energy and its benefit to society.

Leslie Barbour_President Citation 240x205


National Awards

Presented by Paul J. Turinsky, Chair of ANS Honors and Awards Committee

Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education

Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Adjunct Professor
Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering
University of Nevada-Reno

For outstanding contributions to nuclear engineering education through teaching, research, and the writing of authoritative textbooks.

tsoulfanidis 240x403


Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award

Benoit Forget
Associate Professor
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For outstanding contributions in revitalizing the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and developing efficient, scalable Monte Carlo reactor physics analysis tools.

forget 240x283


Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award

Richard A. Meserve
Managing Director
The ND2 Group, LLC

For sustained outstanding statesmanship and contributions to the national and international civilian nuclear arena, promoting the development of safe and economic nuclear power, establishing policy and options to enhance the deployment and operation of nuclear facilities, used fuel disposition, and the scientific and legal structures needed for effective use of nuclear energy (presented at May 2013 NEI Nuclear Energy Assembly).



Special Award, Advancement of Beyond-Design-Basis-Accident Analysis and Management

Richard S. Denning
Ohio State University

For ground-breaking effort in the understanding of light water reactor accident progression and its consideration in a probabilistic context.

denning 240x337


Standards Service Award

Elizabeth Briggs Johnson

For her pioneering work in the conduct of criticality experiments, the collection and dissemination of associated data, and for significant contributions as a founding member and quarter-century participant and secretary in the ANS nuclear criticality safety standards program (posthumous, accepted by granddaughter Autumn Higgins and daughter Ginger Garvin).

johnson 240x188


Don Miller Award

Dieter H. Wach
Retired, Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit
Garching Institute for Safety Technology

For outstanding accomplishments in the fields of nuclear power plant instrumentation and control technologies.

wach 240x222


Julius J. Persensky
Senior Human Factors Advisor
Idaho National Laboratory

For outstanding accomplishments in the field of nuclear power plant human-machine interface technologies (posthumous, accepted by Dave Desaulniers).

persensky desaulniers 240x222


Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award

Richard E. Faw
Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Kansas State University

For numerous contributions over the past 50 years to the practice of shielding, shielding analyses, skyshine methodology, the education of students through teaching and research, the training of professionals through short courses, the publication of textbooks and technical articles, the creation of standards, and service to the profession (distributed to Dr. Faw in May 2013).

faw 200x280


Meritorious Performance in Operations Award

Oak Ridge National Laboratory High Flux Isotope Reactor

For significant improvement in reactor facility operations, plant maintenance, and reliability as a neutron source for irradiation and scattering programs (to be presented at an upcoming ANS Operations and Power Division function).

ornl hfir 240x159


Walter H. Zinn Award

Loyd A. Wright
Manager, Regulatory Performance
Southern California Edison

For over 30 years supporting the advancement of nuclear energy and nuclear science and technology, for leadership in the American Nuclear Society, for excellence in leadership roles at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and new leadership responsibilities while laying the foundation for future success (to be presented at an upcoming ANS Operations and Power Division function).

wright 200x267


Samuel Glasstone Award

For the outstanding ANS Student Section of the past year

University of Wisconsin–Madison (accepted by Michael Corradini)

uwi corradini 240x248

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2nd place, accepted by Nathan Gibson)

mit 240x222


President’s Plaque of Appreciation

Presented by incoming ANS President Don Hoffman to Michael Corradini

corradini hoffman 257x201

Again, congratulations to all award recipients and thank you for your outstanding service.


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