Nuclear Matinee: Pandora’s Promise – Talks at Google

GoogleTalks recently conducted a highly informative and entertaining interview session featuring Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, director Robert Stone, and the cast of the film Pandora’s Promise:  Stewart Brand, Gwyneth Cravens, Michael Schellenberger, and Mark Lynas.

How and why did these former anti-nuclear activists and scientists come to reevaluate their views and reach new conclusions about nuclear energy?  You may well find their stories and explanations quite compelling.

To view the film and reach your own conclusions:  See the Pandora’s Promise website for theaters and showtimes.

CNN Films has acquired cable television broadcast rights to the film and will air it this fall.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: Pandora’s Promise – Talks at Google

  1. Sid Bernsen

    Sure is a hopeful sign. However, until we can get control of the escalating costs and schedule problems created by the current nuclear bureaucracy, the promise of significant expansion of nuclear in the US and Europe is not likely to materialize. The premature shutdown of San Onofre for political and regulatory reasons is an example of the problems the industry faces and has not learned how to deal with.

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