ANS journal Nuclear Science and Engineering July 2013 available

nse july 2013The July 2013 edition of the research journal Nuclear Science and Engineering is available both electronically and in hard copy for American Nuclear Society member subscribers and others.

The July 2013 issue contains technical papers covering:

  • Neutron particle transport
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Fission source convergence
  • CMFD method
  • Serpent Monte Carlo Code
  • And more

Table of Contents

A Cellwise Block-Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method for Multigroup SN Transport on a Hybrid Parallel Computer Architecture/ M. Rosa, J. Warsa, M. Perks

Adjoint-Based k-Eigenvalue Sensitivity Coefficients to Nuclear Data Using Continuous-Energy Monte Carlo/ B. Kiedrowski, F. B. Brown

Diffusion Theory-Based Analog Monte Carlo for Simulating Noise Experiments in Subcritical Systems/ Y. S. Rana, A. Singh, S. B. Degweker

Prediction of Pebble Motion in Pebble-Bed Reactors Using Monte Carlo Molecular Dynamics Simulation/ K. O. Lee, R. P. Gardner

Hybrid Monte Carlo-CMFD Methods for Accelerating Fission Source Convergence/ E. Wolters, E. Larsen, W. R. Martin

Impact of Dynamic Condensation of Energy Groups on Convergence Behavior of One-Node CMFD Method for Neutron Diffusion Problem/ D. Lee

Modeling of Nonuniform Density Distributions in the Serpent 2 Monte Carlo Code/J. Leppänen

CORRIGENDUM for “Exact Solutions of the Two-Dimension Cell Problem”/M. M. R. Williams

Volume 174 Author and Subject Indexes

Nuclear Science and Engineering publishes articles on research and development related to peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, radiation, and  alternative energy sources. The journal is edited by Dr. Dan Cacuci.

ANS journals are available for purchase by edition or by article. Please click here to go to the online journals page. A menu of ANS’s publications is available online by clicking here.

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