Nuclear Matinee: 86 Seconds On Nuclear Energy & Gumballs

This is a simply excellent video on nuclear energy for a wide audience. How much and how well can one person communicate on nuclear energy in less than 90 seconds? Click play to find out:

For good measure, Sam the Answer Man tackles energy diversification:

Enjoy these videos but missed something? Watch them again at Yes Vermont Yankee! (And… spread them around, perhaps with those handy buttons at the bottom of this post.)

Thanks to Southern Company—operators of the Farley, Hatch, and Vogtle nuclear energy facilities and builders of the new Vogtle units 3 & 4—for producing these videos

gumball power


3 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: 86 Seconds On Nuclear Energy & Gumballs

  1. Edward R. Knuckles

    Good example of straight-forward and simple communication of the concept. However, the NEI website states 149 gallons of oil vs. 126 gallons stated by Southern would be required to produce the equivalent energy in a single nuclear fuel pellet. Depending on the assumptions you might arrive at different answers but the quantity of gas quoted, 17,000 cubic ft. is the same from both sources of information. It seems that both sources of information should be more in line with each other or at least self-consistent.

  2. Anna Holliday

    He didn’t talk about saving energy but that picture of the new low light bulb is junk! They break to easily.

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