Nuclear Matinee – Nuclear 101 from the Switch Energy Project

Switch is a documentary on the worldwide future of energy directed by Harry Lynch and produced by Arcos Films, released in 2012.  Dr. Scott Tinker of the University of Texas takes viewers on a global tour of energy sites and facilities to explore the next energy transition of our civilization – the point at which energy derived from fossil fuels, versus from “everything else,” switch places in terms of providing the majority of world energy.  The film posits that this enormous, colossal transition is likely to occur within 50 years.

In addition, the Switch Energy Project website is host to over 300 short videos and expert interviews on every kind of energy topic.  The “nuclear” category alone is very impressive.

The film and the Switch Energy Project attempt a level-headed, scientific view of energy sources and options.  So, how does nuclear energy fare?  Let’s take a look:

Thanks to Arcos Films for producing and sharing this video

orange cooling towers

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee – Nuclear 101 from the Switch Energy Project

  1. Clarc King

    Nuclear energy is absolutely necessary for reversing our present accelerating economic collapse, and producing energy required for the modernization of the national economy. Many aged nuclear fueled and coal fired energy generation facilities are set for retirement and there are no policies or programs that address this ‘benign neglect of energy policy’. The consequences are incalculable, and the crisis cannot be perceived in the present mainstream political perspective. It’s a national security crisis.

    The United States is in need of 400 new nuclear fueled energy facilities to be constructed and installed on the national energy grid; the impetus that will reverse economy collapse. The dormant Integral Fast Reactor technology in the Small Modular Reactor (SMR), will placate the citizenry’s reservations about nuclear power; its main attribute being that the footprint is small and has safety features triggered by passively operated physics. SMR’s employ nuclear waste as fuel, which should inform us that we are sitting on nuclear treasure, not waste, and through its many processes will be able to perform water splitting, that is taking Seawater and extracting Hydrogen and Oxygen, and other minerals like uranium, taking the US into the Hydrogen Economy. SMR’s can mine nuclear waste for minerals, elements of the periodic table, launching the Isotope Economy. Banks of SMR’s can be assembled on the East and West Coasts to operate a national desalinization project that will supply potable water for human consumption, agriculture, food production and refill the continental aquifers, in support of the national security.

    We have a great future ahead, with the power and ability to create “Smart Cities” and begin the redevelopment of North America proposed in the JFK era North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA); through a new national nuclear energy grid, if we act now.

  2. Cory Stansbury

    I’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment overall. I’d like to see the whole thing.

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