Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station to close end of 2014

“Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station generates 72.5 percent of the state’s electricity while emitting no greenhouse gases.”

So reads the first sentence of a fact sheet on Vermont Yankee from the Nuclear Energy Institute. By “greenhouse gases,” read “virtually any emissions at all.”

It seems that this single, enormous fact would have long ago settled debate about the continued operation of Vermont Yankee. However, it is not environmental debate that will close the plant next year. It is an electricity market structure that undervalues fuel supply diversity, and continuous, reliable, baseload generation of massive supplies of emission-free energy.

Entergy Corporation, owner and operator of the plant, explained its reasoning for the decision in this press release and FAQ.

Many thanks to the professionals at Vermont Yankee, among the best in the business, who continue to safely operate the plant.

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One thought on “Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station to close end of 2014

  1. James Greenidge

    Again it’s worthy of note to two fine champions in the fight:

    Meredith & Howard, God bless you for waging reason and fact back against a tidal wave of otherwise unchallenged FUD and nuclear bigotry. I wonder how tough Entergy’s call was to close VY would’ve been weren’t all that massive (media fanned) community and political pressure and sheer ignorance. In a nutshell the fearmongers have won again and Vermont’s historic scenic vistas, the earth’s climate, and ratepayers lose. How can ecology and sanity be rejoicing that? How much more of a case is needed for a massive nuclear-community sponsored media public education program??

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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