September 2013 edition of Nuclear Science and Engineering available

ans ns&e 203x254The September 2013 edition of the research journal Nuclear Science and Engineering is available both electronically and in hard copy for American Nuclear Society member subscribers and others.

Nuclear Science and Engineering publishes articles on research and development related to the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, radiation, and alternative energy sources. It is edited by Dr. Dan Cacuci.

The September issue contains the following peer-reviewed articles–click links for abstracts:

Using the Efficient Global Optimization Algorithm to Assist Nuclear Criticality Safety Assessment / Y. Richet, G. Caplin, J. Crevel, D. Ginsbourger, V. Picheny

Neutron Interactions with 3He Revisited – II: Nonelastic Cross Sections in the Mega-Electron-Volt Range / M. Drosg, P. W. Lisowski

Uncertainty Quantification of Few-Group Diffusion Theory Constants Generated by the B1 Theory-Augmented Monte Carlo Method / Ho Jin Park, Hyung Jin Shim, Han Gyu Joo, Chang Hyo Kim

Nonspherical Perturbations of Spherical Geometries in Transport Theory / Jeffrey A. Favorite

A Local Incident Flux Response Expansion Transport Method for Coupling to the Diffusion Method in Cylindrical Geometry / Dingkang Zhang, Farzad Rahnema, Abderrafi M. Ougouag

Evaluation and Uncertainty Quantification of Prompt Fission Neutron Spectra of Uranium and Plutonium Isotopes / M. E. Rising, P. Talou, T. Kawano, A. K. Prinja

Dynamic Monte Carlo Method for Nuclear Reactor Kinetics Calculations / Bart L. Sjenitzer, J. Eduard Hoogenboom

ANS journals are available for purchase by edition or by article. Please click here to go to the online journals page. A menu of ANS’s publications is available online by clicking here.

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