Nuclear Matinee – Dr. Ernest Moniz at the Switch Energy Project

The ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinee today visits the Switch Energy Project and its impressive array of interviews with world-class energy experts.

Dr. Ernest Moniz, now US Secretary of Energy, offers some words on the rationale behind government involvement in cost-sharing agreements for the development and licensing of small modular reactors. Babcock & Wilcox won the first such funding with its mPower project, and further applications are currently under consideration, with an announcement from the Department of Energy expected soon. See Update and Perspective on Small Modular Reactor Development for a good introduction and overview of SMR development, features, tradeoffs, and potential pitfalls.

Switch is a documentary on the worldwide future of energy, directed by Harry Lynch and produced by Arcos Films, released in 2012. The title derives from the point at which energy derived from fossil fuels, compared to all other energy sources, will switch places in terms of providing the majority of world energy—possibly as soon as 50 years from now.

The full interview with Dr. Moniz on energy is quite interesting in its own right:

Thanks to Arcos Films for producing and sharing this video.

orange cooling towers


3 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee – Dr. Ernest Moniz at the Switch Energy Project

  1. Cory Stansbury

    They are claiming more died in the evacuation than died from the Tsunami in the local area. Aka, within the evac zone, more died being evacuated after the fact than died initially due to mother nature.

  2. Mitch

    Something’s screwy in the reporting here. They claim 20k+ died in the quake and tsunami but that the evac wasted even more?? How can so many and reporters believe that??

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