ANS journal Nuclear Technology: PHYSOR 2012

nuclear technology sep 2013 201x261The September 2013 edition of the technical journal Nuclear Technology is available electronically and in hard copy for American Nuclear Society member subscribers and others.

The September special issue contains 24 selected articles from the American Nuclear Society 2012 International Topical Meeting on Reactor Physics (PHYSOR 2012).  The conference provided a fruitful forum for exchanging ideas over a breadth of topics including advances in reactor analysis methods, fuel and reactor core designs, fuel cycle physics, reactor materials, multiphysics simulations, reactor kinetics, safety analysis, and education in reactor physics.

Nuclear Technology is the leading journal in all areas of the practical application of nuclear science by ANS and is edited by Nicholas Tsoulfanidis.

See 2012 International Topical Meeting on Reactor Physics (PHYSOR 2012) for links to articles and abstracts.

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