Nuclear Science Week proclaimed in Washington State

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WHEREAS, Nuclear Science Week recognizes the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day; and

WHEREAS, thousands of nuclear science and technology professionals are dedicated to the service and progress of the Washington State communities where they live and work; and

WHEREAS, nuclear medicine is used in thousands of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures every day to improve the health and lives of Washington citizens; and

WHEREAS, nuclear space propulsion systems are being used safely and reliably in robotic missions and science experiments beyond our solar system; and

WHEREAS, nuclear marine propulsion is essential to the safe and effective operation of our national naval fleet and the health and welfare of those who serve in our naval fleet, since nuclear reactors require no oxygen for combustion and emit no exhaust gas; and

WHEREAS, nuclear energy each year contributes approximately 1,170 megawatt hours of safe, reliable, carbon-free and environmentally responsible electricity to Washington ratepayers, equivalent to about 10 percent of Washington’s power; and

WHEREAS, the nuclear science community is reaching beyond old paradigms and beliefs to advance a modern understanding of the nuclear sciences; and

WHEREAS, Washington State educational institutions are preparing students to enter rewarding careers in nuclear science, technology, and many related pursuits;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Jay Inslee, governor of the state of Washington, do hereby proclaim October 21-25, as

Nuclear Science Week

in Washington, and I urge all people in our state to join me in this special observance.

Signed this 21st day of October, 2013

Governor Jay Inslee

Learn more about the indispensable role that nuclear science and technology plays in modern life—visit National Nuclear Science Week

wa nuclear science week proclamation

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