Nuclear Matinée: Journey of the Flamanville Reactor Pressure Vessel

Today’s ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinée takes faithful viewers through the beautiful waterways and countryside of France, following the route of the massive reactor pressure vessel being delivered to the new 1,650 MWe European Pressurized Reactor under construction at the Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant.

A caveat: Users must supply their own sound track, as these are silent movies.  Hmm… The Pointer Sisters’ Neutron Dance is quite upbeat, but not bucolic.  George Clinton’s Atomic Dog doesn’t quite capture the moment.  Perhaps something French?  La Marseillaise?

At any rate, enjoy the journey!

Thanks to Salle de Presse Youtube for posting these fine videos, and thanks to the Nuclear Street News Team who posted these videos earlier.

flamanville epr rpv 355x201 

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