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The American Nuclear Society is offering new materials in time for the holidays. Buy one for a friend…..and another for yourself!

New Books

75 Years with Nuclear Fission (a reprint of “50 Years with Nuclear Fission”)  Although many of the pioneers who contributed to the 1989 ANS 75years!conference celebrating the 50 years with nuclear fission have passed away, we celebrate their words and contributions at this year’s Winter Meeting by offering a special reprinting of  “50 Years with Nuclear Fission.” Industry pioneers such as Edoardo Amaldi, Georgy Flerov, Siegfried Fluegge, Bertrand Goldschmidt, Rudolf Peirels, Pavle Savić, Glenn Seaborg, Emilio Segre, Edward Teller, John Wheeler, and Walter Zinn will have their words resonate again in this special reprint edition.

The Never-Ending Challenge of Engineering: Admiral H. G. Rickover in his Own Words, compiled by Paul E. Cantonwine  This book is a practical and philosophical look at the principles used by engineers from the perspective of one of America’s greatest engineers, Admiral Hyman George Rickover. He is an icon Rickover NEVER-ENDING CHALLENGE cover imagein the history of nuclear power, and one of his greatest contributions was to develop nuclear power technology to meet much higher safety and quality standards tha past technological developments. The record of safety in Rickover’s nuclear Navy and in the U.S. commercial nuclear industry is unique in the history of power technology.
Radiochemical Technology in Nuclear Power Plants, by Chien C. Lin  This  book is a revision of “Radiochemistry in Nuclear Power Reactors,” published in 1996 by the National Research Council. The new boolinbook!k reflects certain changes and improvements from the 1996 edition, dealing with two types of light water reactors—boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors—and includes a new chapter on radiochemistry fundamentals that provides materials for those who have not been previously exposed to basic radiochemistry in college. Also included are discussions of applications and more sophisticated techniques that have been developed in the past few years, updated data and information on activated corrosion products and radiation buildup control, and more details about fission product measurements and fuel integrity failure evaluation. In addition, at the end of the book, a number of exercises are provided for the reader to practice solving problems that may be faced during routine work in a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Reactor Theory, by George Bell and Samuel Glasstone  ANS Nuclear Reactor Theory cover imagehas reproduced the long out-of-print Nuclear Reactor Theory, thanks to the Department of Energy, which holds the book’s copyright. The book explains the most important physical concepts and mathematical methods commonly used in predicting the behavior of neutrons in nuclear reactors. It serves as an excellent introduction to reactor theory for physicists, mathematicians, and engineers, and was written by two pioneers in the nuclear field. This seminal work is a must for any student of nuclear theory.

New Proceedings

topfuelLWR Fuel Performance Meeting (TopFuel 2013)  This TopFuel 2013 proceedings on CD showcases the latest in technology and future industry trends for world-class light-water reactor fuel performance. There were 150 technical papers and 32 poster papers published in the proceedings from more than 20 countries. The technical papers and poster session were organized into the following tracks: Operation and experience; transient fuel behavior; design and material; modeling; spent fuel storage and transportation; and new fuel concepts.

International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis (PSA 2013)  This technical program on CD from the meeting on September 22-27, 2013, reflects the excitement of the nuclear renaissance being led by the construction of new plants at the nearby V.C. Summer and Vogtle plants.PSA 2013 contains about 200 full papers with such topics as risk-informing operations/regulation; human reliability analysis; dynamic PSA; fire PSA; next generation reactors; PSA education and training; low power and shutdown PSA; advances in PSA data; flooding PSA; safety margins and risk management; aging management insights for PSA; and small modular reactors.

NCSD 2013 (National Criticality Safety Division 2013)  The theme for the NCSD 2013 meeting was “Criticality Safety in the Modern Era: Raising the program-fullBar.” This proceedings on CD contains about 70 full papers with topics that include criticality accidents and response; methods; analysis and experiments; and programs/training/risk assessment/post Fukushima.

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