2nd ANS Small Modular Reactor Conference, Nov 12-14, Washington DC

The American Nuclear Society’s Operations and Power Division will host the 2nd ANS Small Modular Reactor Conference during the ANS Winter Meeting on November 12–14, 2013, in Washington, DC.  The Opening Plenary for the Conference will begin on Tuesday, November 12, at 8:00 a.m. at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Speakers at the Opening Plenary include:

Donald Hoffman, ANS President and President and CEO, EXCEL Services Corporation;

Thomas Sanders, Associate Laboratory Director, Savannah River National Laboratory;

Philip Moor, Vice President, High Bridge Associates;

Peter B. Lyons, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, US Department of Energy;

Ron S. Faibish, Science Fellow, Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources;

Bruce Lacy, President, Lacy Consulting Group

In addition, the Conference will feature three days of technical sessions covering all aspects of small modular reactors design and development:

  • SMR iPWR Refueling Designs and Operations
  • SMR Research and Development
  • SMR Nonproliferation and Security
  • SMR Emergency Planning and Execution
  • Plenary II: SMR iPWR Owner-Operator Nth of a Kind Vision
  • Plenary II: SMR iPWR Licensing-Generic Issues-Siting-Construction
  • SMR Site Suitability
  • SMR Research and Development—II
  • SMR Codes and Standards
  • Department of Energy Investments in Advanced Nuclear Power
  • SMR PRA Advances and Challenges
  • US Government Stewardship of Public Lands/Hosting of SMR /Energy Security Services
  • SMR Simulators/Control Room Design/Staffing and Human Factors
  • SMR Manufacturing/Modular Construction Processes
  • International SMR Development

Interest in small modular reactors continues to grow as an option for future power generation and energy security.  Modularized construction of smaller reactors holds the promise of reduced costs and construction times, as well as enhanced siting flexibility and improved safety and performance.

All ANS members are invited and encouraged to attend this topical meeting.

If you have questions or need additional information, feel free to contact General Chair Thomas Sanders, Assistant Chair Philip Moor, Technical Program Chair Vince Gilbert, or Assistant Technical Program Chair Mark Campagna.

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